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The Lotus Dream

Yes it really is Painter my name!!
It's Joanna or Jo 

I was born in Changi, Singapore, as my father Rod Painter was stationed there with the RAF. I grew up in the countryside in Devon, England.
In 1998 I moved to Nice with my husband. When our children were born we moved to La Colle sur Loup and in 2020 to Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

I studied at the University of Warwick but learned a lot by looking at works in museums and art galleries like the Tate Gallery.

The portrait is very important. I made a series of self-portraits which allowed me to know myself and discover joy and passion and overcome depression.

I was selected in 1993 and 1994 to be part of the BP Young Artist of the Year exhibition at the National Portrait Galley in London.

I have worked a lot in schools doing art projects with classes in Education National and with a children's theatre company. I led the workshops to create the set and props for each show.

I have many students who come to art classes in my workshop. 

In my search as an artist I try to look beyond reality, to really see.

It is creation under the influence of nature, light and beauty.

Beauty is important. I want to share feelings that I can't articulate with words.

As if bewitched. To slip through to glimpse another space/time.

Maybe it's because I want to understand what God/Source is. 

To explore and feel alive.


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